Privacy, Scripts and Cookies

This website does not track nor gathers any analytical information from your browsing, because I don't really care about that. I just want to provide some content to read for free to whoever stumbles upon this blog.

This website is also entirely static, built with nothing but HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Well, a few more things helped me getting things together, but that's essentially it. The disadvantage of doing that is that I don't have any in-house capability to provide a commenting facility to my users, so I had to revert to an external service, Disqus.

Using Disqus comes with the perk of not having to setup a database, a service to read and provide access to it, filtering out spammers and trolls, and some other functionality I don't really know about. But this is almost necessary to provide a decent browsing experience for you.

Unfortunately Disqus is a third party service which I have partial control over and you might not want to be tracked by it, or feel it's not a service that deserves your interaction. For this reason I've enabled the possibility to disable comments altogether.

Disabling and enabling comments will save a cookie in your browser, which is basically the only way for me to avoid displaying that annoying modal every time you click on a link.

I hope this makes sense, if you have suggestions, or want to say something (without using comments), feel free to contact me over via Twitter or through my contact form.