CodeCeption introduction and use in Yii

I've spent some sleepless nights and stressful days trying to understand why the latest versions of PHPUnit won't work anymore on any of our dev boxes. It almost drove me mad.
It was like chasing a ghost: you fix one thing, you think everything should now work, you try again, then: SBAM! Another error is bitch-slapping you some truth in your face. Iterate over a dozen times and you'll know how I felt.
This was my state until I found about CodeCeption.

How Yii virtual attributes work

In this article I'd like to share some technical insights of a very useful aspect of Yii models: virtual attributes, how to use them correctly and avoid possible problems and headaches.

Although the actual content of the article is definitely targeted towards Yii developers, I'll try to link as much as possible to additional resources for anyone can actually explore the content a little bit more.

Detect External Monitor

First post for this website completely in English.

I have a bunch of on going projects and things I'd like to talk about, but time is not on my side (as usual), but this I think it's worth talking about.

This is a very stupid guide on how to setup a simple script I wrote on how to detect the external monitor and use it automatically.

The basic setup and use I will cover are:

  • configure basic functionality of the script
  • setup keyboard keys (usually Fn+F7) for use with the script
  • autoload script at logon for using the external monitor automatically

Profumo di incertezze

The Great Escape: © ukaaaThe Great Escape © ukaaaRecentemente parlavo della piaga qual è Internet Explorer 6, che continua a perseguitare i webdesigner di tutto il mondo. Questo chiaramente è un mostro del passato, ma, e qui è d'obbligo restare sull'ipotetico, forse peggiori ne arriveranno.
Giusto per ricapitolare: la versione 6 ha fatto in modo che i suoi bug diventassero gli standard, costringendo (tutt'ora) gli sviluppatori a magie incredibili per riuscire ad adattare i propri contenuti a questo software, adattando al di fuori di ogni standard, il markup HTML e il codice JavaScript.