CodeCeption introduction and use in Yii

I've spent some sleepless nights and stressful days trying to understand why the latest versions of PHPUnit won't work anymore on any of our dev boxes. It almost drove me mad.
It was like chasing a ghost: you fix one thing, you think everything should now work, you try again, then: SBAM! Another error is bitch-slapping you some truth in your face. Iterate over a dozen times and you'll know how I felt.
This was my state until I found about CodeCeption.

Unit Testing and test driven mentality

During the last few years I've started to attend the London Yii Meetup and as we are using Yii quite extensibly at work, we're also trying to do as much TDD as possible.

I'm presenting here the slides that accompanied the talk I've given in June 2013.
I will also try to dig into some of the fears that some developers have while approaching Unit Testing and TDD.